Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy states that Alive24news of information gathering and dissemination practices. The use of this policy is to understand the privacy policy for user data in, user rights and how our users can control their privacy.

Alive24news respects your privacy. This privacy policy summarizes how we collects your data and how it is used. You are advised to read the privacy policy carefully. By using the services provided by us, you agree to the collection and use of your data in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy.


In order to avail certain sites / services on, users are required to provide certain information for the registration process. For which you need to provide information about A) your name, B) email address, C) gender, D) age, E) PIN code, F) password and / or your business, interests, etc. When you Facebook, Google, Twitter, registering with other third-party related services like Instagram etc., we get information from such accounts to provide our services to you. With the help of the information provided by the users, we try to improve our site. Also, at times we also require your contact cards for competitions.

All information collected from you is service dependent and Alive24news can use it to improve its services, maintain and develop new services.


Alive24news or its subsidiaries and affiliates contain links to other websites. Such sites are governed by their respective privacy policy, which is beyond our control. Once you leave our server, (you can say that you can check the URL on the location bar provided in your browser), then any site you are visiting and the information you have given on it. The site is governed by the operator’s privacy policy. That policy may be different from our policy. If you do not get the privacy policy of these websites through the site’s homepage or link, then you can contact the site directly for more information.

When you visit our site, you will find that our web servers automatically collect information about your computer’s connection to the Internet, including cookies, your IP address. We may use cookies to help advertise specifically to your interests, and to save your preferences or password so that you do not have to re-enter each time you visit our site. Our advertisers can also specify their cookies on your browser (if you click on their advertisement). We use this information on a request-based basis to measure our web pages’ traffic to you, our site, and to provide advertisers with information about geographic locations from which our visitors have arrived. For more information about our cookies policy and how to manage it, click here.’s Cookies Policy allows users to delete cookies from the Cookies Policy page.

Information Sharing

Alive24news or its subsidiaries and affiliates may share their personal information to any third party without the prior consent of their users in the following limited circumstances: For

  1. the purpose of verification of identity by law, court or any government agency or authority, build better trust and confidence, based on prosecution and requests for punishment of crimes, including investigations into cyber incidents It is necessary to disclose these to be kept.

  2. We may also transfer personally identifiable and eligible information from any of our business units to another company if our company or any unit of the company is sold to another company.

  3. May share your activities with third parties about your activities on social websites or websites with our advertisers so that they can understand our users and confirm the value of advertising on our website.

  4. In such a situation Alive24news or its subsidiaries and affiliates may do so on their behalf for the purpose of processing personal information of officers and employees or associated with the group. We also ensure that our recipients of such information agree to maintain their confidentiality for safety based on our instructions.


We may use your personal information by contacting you through other information, including newsletters, marketing or promotional materials.

Personal Information

Alive24news may collect and store its users’ contact details such as location, cookies, birth details, etc. in order to operate the site in an efficient and effective manner so that it can provide its users, astrology services and other products, can provide information about what may be interesting. In addition, this information allows us to provide relevant astrological details to users. We automatically track certain information based on your behaviour on the site and use this information to conduct internal research on our users’ demographics, interests and behaviour, which in general allows users to better understand, protect, enable us to provide and serve.

You agree that may use your personal information to contact you and to provide you with information that may in some cases be in accordance with your interests or to provide administrative notice or communication when you use the Site May be for By accepting this privacy policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you are not willing to receive these communications, we encourage you to abide by the opt out provisions provided in each of the communications going forward to opt out of this communication receipt.

If for any reason the user has indicated a desire to keep the information private then we make it clear to the users that we do not disclose the personal information of our users to any third party except the affiliated companies / affiliates of Alive24news Web Services Limited Neither give nor sell in any form.